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Mission and spiritual potential of person
Expert Prognosis of Soul's Image

Name                                     Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich

1.  Special mission:              Policies of a national level
2.  Type of reason: SECOND
3.  Charge of Reason bowl: 69 %
4.  Level of harmonic development: 68 %
5.  Disclosing of abilities: 3 %
6.  Existence of punishments of soul: No
7.  Potential opportunities:  
7.1  Industriousness 95 %
7.2  Purposefulness 94 %
7.3  Decisiveness 94 %
7.4  Initiative 94 %
7.5  Reliability 95 %
7.6  Ability to compromise 71 %
7.7  Sociability 71 %
7.8  Loyalty to promise 94 %
7.9  Ability to withstand stress 70 %
7.10  Professionalism: ·   in a policy 90 %
·   in education 86 %
·   in economy 85 %
·   in organization 84 %
·   in finance 83 %
7.11  Ability to manage: ·   a crew yes
·   a department yes
·   transnational corporation no
7.12  Propensity to mistakes: ·   few mistakes yes
·   many mistakes no
·   admits his mistakes 70 %
7.13  Behavior: ·   disposition to conflicts no
·   objectivity yes
·   passiveness no
·   disposition to leadership yes
8.  Existence of complexes: 64 000
9.  Opportunity of getting free of complexes: Yes
10.  Share of accidental events in life: 9 %
11.  Creative potential initialization level: 2 %
12.  Opportunity of use of creative potential: 68 %
13.  Phenomenal abilities: ability of an exit of soul in an inner world; a delay of process of ageing; spiritual sight, hearing, inspiration, speech; a prediction and a prophecy; reading of another's ideas; understanding of unfamiliar languages; to hear conversations and all event for many thousand kilometers; ability on the big information field to find a necessary subject; external positive exclusiveness Soul; phenomenon of the poet; phenomenon of belief; phenomenon of the writer.

1. Special mission (predestination). Actually it is the purpose of human being on the Earth (his/her "business-trip" during the living) to realize that part of Divine Intend for a Man to be capable to become a founder and creator.

2. Type of Reason. Depending on a charge of Reason bowl the people are divided into 4 types: ordinary, cleared up, intuitive and absolute, that means that the type of a reason determines the so-called "age of soul" and its diligence: the more charged a bowl of Reason, the more soul is senior, the more it worked in the previous incarnations.

3. Charge of Reason bowl. In a Reason the wisdom of a set of incarnations is saved. And in each incarnation there is a concentration of all knowledge (superfluous and false are rejected), and the core of all knowledge, which we had accumulated in this incarnation, had been recording in this bowl of Reason.

4. Level of harmonic development. If the absolute value of this feature is less than absolute charge of Reason bowl, the person is an expert in the field of his/her destination; if the level of harmonic development is equal to a charge of Reason bowl, then the person is perceived as an erudite; if this value is more than absolute charge of Reason bowl, then the person is perceived as encyclopaedic one.

5. Disclosure of abilities: that is, how had you used the advantages of Divine talents gifted to you.

6. Existence of punishments of soul. This feature characterizes behaviour of a person in professional and private life as being adequate or inadequate.

7. Potential opportunities. That is, it is your top, which you have not achieved yet, and you can get it only then, if you work in the field of your destination.

7.10. Professionalism. It is introduced directly in your Reason. It is first of all the Divine true knowledge, which is collecting by Mankind during the whole history of its existence.

7.11. Ability to supervise (to manage): by group; by company; by inter-firm, when foreigners work in it, requiring an individual approach to them, because the mentality of foreigners significantly differs from ours.

7.12. Propensity to mistakes: makes a little; makes much; recognizes own mistakes it means, that out of 100 % of performed mistakes the indicated in given document quantity are admitted.

7.13. Style of behaviour: propensity to conflicts, objectivity, passivity and propensity to work in a team.

8. Existence of complexes. The complexes are the barriers hidden to an eye preventing a person to follow the voice of intuition.

9. Opportunity of getting free of complexes. If the person is under training/teaching, receives new knowledge, learns to think, then such opportunity appears.

10. Share of casual events in life. This feature means what quantity of acts a person performs according to his intuition, and what are "casual" as a result of his own opinion.

11. Application of saved wisdom (Creative potential initialization level). It is a feature, which shows how effectively you use the knowledge, abilities or phenomena from your Reason bowl. I.e. it is a total indicator of wisdom and gift utilization.

12. Opportunity to use a creative potential. This feature reflects Man's opportunity to realize his own destination.

13. Phenomenal/simple abilities. It is super opportunity, considerably accelerating, simplifying a process of creativity for a person. The phenomena in different bouquets up to 14 gifts out of 81 described in the Bible are given here.

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