Examples of biocomputer technologies application

Survey and exploration of mineral resources

Imaginary dialogue with a potential user

What instrument is used as a survey?
Intellectual prognostic system (IPS)
Are there some restrictions for such survey in exploration of various kinds of minerals?
Are there any limitations for survey use in different Earth's regions?
No. At that, IPS can be used for mineral exploration of other planets in Solar System.
Has IPS any preference in comparison with existing technologies (traditional, operative and so on)?
Yes. The advantages are as follows: multiple gain in financial expenses, efficiency, saving of time and labor, completeness of research information concerning the territory under exploration, trustworthness and reliability of results, ecological safety, warranted confidentiality of works, flexibility and adaptability relatively to any Client's requirements.
Is ecological safety bears absolute meaning or some permissive documents are required for field explorations?
Yes. Ecological safety is absolute. No permissive documents are needed, since all works, included the complete information on entrails, are carried out in cameral conditions.
What preliminary information is required?
In principle, in properly target setting IPS is able to operate without preliminary information, that is, with zero a priori data. However, any information concerning the given task can be useful.
Who are the main developers?
Scientists of MGU named by Lomonosov M.V., NP "Intellect", Gasprom bank's affiliate company "RMC", Russian Aerospace Academy named by Tsiolkovskiy K.E.
What is IPS's protection?
It is protected by several "Know-How"s and two Russian Scientific Discoveries: tremendous human intellectual scope was revealed in the area of man's interaction with Earth's Information Field; in the area of physical geography there were discovered small circular structures of mellow earth's crust sediments, which bear an information on surface, subsurface and abyssal texture of Earth and are reflected in data obtained by remote ground probing.
Is there analogous in the world?
Adequate analogous of IPS are not known to the authors. Although, a rather close to it method of Osborn or, in other words, "brain attack" can be considered as such.
Are there any patents?
Russian patent on mineral exploration is in the end step of drawing up. As may be necessary, it may be registered in Client's country.
What Requirements specification is needed from a Client?
The Requirements specification must contain the true Client's intents, that is, to correspond to given characteristics in full, instead of being oriented to existing methods of ordinary "cut-and-try" method.
What are the terms of works fulfillment?
The terms are several times less, than that for traditional ones For example, the territory spanned by space photography LandSat 7 (area of more than 30 thousand sq. km), dependently on complexity of scope of problems and tasks, can be explored and the results issued within 2-6 months. Moreover, in case of peculiar tasks the reserves are envisaged to cut down terms of exploration through increase of scientific group, for instance.
What is the cost of works?
The price list for IPS service does not exist. The cost of each work is determined by mutual consent between a Client and Executor taking into account a number of factors depending on a region, specific character of order, etc.
What may be the relations between Client and Executor (owner of IPS)?
On the basis of possibilities and advantages of IPS the two main modes of relations and their combination are offered:
Version 1.   A Client provides for correct task setting, submits a Requirements specification and necessary initial information. In such case the Executor shall be obliged to perform the terms and conditions of negotiated Contract.
Version 2.   A Client is not ready to designate a task properly, except, maybe, the main purpose: where to invest its funds on commercial basis? In such case the Executor participates in development of a strategy for achievement of financial success and Business-Plan for its realization. At that, from the beginning and in a short period of time a Client will be aware, in principle, of the conditions for task realization. Depending on his position a Client shall have the optimal variants for work accomplishment.
How to transform a potential User of IPS to real one?
To believe that there are no insoluble tasks.
What risks wait for potential slow-witted Client?
Wasting of so expensive time.
Where can be found the more detailed information?
1.  Appendix;
2.  In Internet site: www.intellectspb.ru
3.  Monography: Aerospace structure measuring in ecology, exploration of interiors of the Earth and the Moon. M.,: Edition of MGU, 2001.-120p.
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